Why become a buddy? Experience and new friendships

Vašek and Ondra study at the Institute of International Studies. They became involved in the activities of the International club last year. Now, they are not only two buddies but they are responsibles for organizing parties and trips.

How did you get to the Intl Club?
Ondra Lemel: I took part in some actions of the Intl Club last semester already but it was only tentative. After a generation modification I was asked if I wanted to become a member of the Intl team – and of course I said yes.

Vašek Kazda: Last semester in June there was an informative meeting, and I found the people who were already in the Intl Club really nice. But the main reason why I joined it because I like organizing things and meeting new people and the Intl Club is a great occasion to fulfill all this.

Why have you decided to do more than an ordinary buddy?
Ondra Lemel: Well, somebody had to help with all the activities and I found it interesting. I wrote a manual for Czech buddies which was quite fun. And I organized a trip to Koněpruské jeskyně – the trip was absolutely fabulous.

Vašek Kazda: Only if you organize things you meet people properly. You get to know them personally and make good friends. You also gain good experience – people don’t organize parties and trips for fifty people every week.

Will the Intl Club organize something special for foreign students in the near future?
Ondra Lemel: There will be some trips to Czech historical sites so that foreign students get to know even the Czech country side and culture. Then there will be a special theme party every month – I hope you will come!

Vašek Kazda: I would like to invite all of you for a four day trip out of Prague. We will be going to Southern Bohemia and we plan to visit some very interesting places such as a tomb and a brewery [this trip is planned to begin on the last Thursday of October – edition note]

Ondra Lemel: There is also going to be a trip to the Pilsen brewery but we don’t know the exact date yet.

What was your best adventure with foreign students?
Ondra Lemel: To be honest I don’t know. A big adventure was to get an adapter for American plugs, then to solve problems when my minders did not have a place to stay… But I really enjoyed the trip to Koněpruské jeskyně, and when someone asked me if I wouldn’t like to found an International hiking club I felt really happy.

Vašek Kazda: I think this year’s welcome party was absolutely great because I met a lot of really nice people and I liked the way everyone was partying till early morning.

Why have you decided to study in Prague?

Hector Iván Garza Flores (20, Mexico, area studies)
Well, Prague has quite a good reputation back in Mexico and I’ve discovered why; the city is beautiful and people here are really very nice. Also, this is an almost eight hundred years old school which we don’t have in Mexico, and I wanted to live this experience.

Rowan Cooke (23, New Zealand, journalism)
I wanted to go to Europe where it wouldn’t be that expensive. People I know liked the Czech Republic, and that also helped. It’s a great place to travel from. And it has good and cheap beer (the best beer), cheap food and transport.

Philippe Ludwig (23, Germany, political science)
I wanted to study in Prague because the Charles University was the first German speaking university in this region. It has a great tradition. And the fact that I speak Slovak also played a role.

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