Orientation and Celebration to Satisfaction

Another semester has begun. For the members of the Int’l club and for the newcomers from abroad, it always starts a week earlier. All together we managed to survive and to enjoy the Orientation week – the last week of September.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty boring administrative days, lots of paperwork, new information and infinite repetitions of it. Perhaps the Int’l club was of some use for the newcomers even these days.

Wednesday came with the Welcome party, at last some real fun. Finally recognizing faces and attributing them names – little by little. Everything worked out great that night. The Tornado Lou club was crowded, but not too much, there were drinks until the morning, people were dancing, it all looked great. Czechs came too! I remember dancing, spinning and flying in the air – I really don’t know who carried me in his arms all around the place while dancing, but thanks a lot. It was great fun. Some of our dear newcomers experimented the celebrate Absinth, now I don’t know how they liked each other. Very unfortunately, the club closed up last week for financial reasons. The Int’l club members are now looking for a new place to continue with “Erasmus” parties. We were a perfect dernière for Tornado Lou.

On Friday, the trip to Konopiště castle was planned. We made it, 80 Erasmus (I take the liberty to include in the Erasmus category all the rest of the incoming foreign students) and two Czechs from the Int’l club. We didn’t miss the train but some people hate me for having given the appointment too early!

We arrived to the castle, lucky about the weather as usual. Everything went fine, everybody visited a part of the castle and we went to have a lunch. Not so good. Konopiště isn’t on the schedule for next time because there is no good place to eat and after all, the food is always the most important part of a trip :o)

On our way back to the train, we lost three guys in the forest and then we lost another two persons who went to the forest to look for the lost ones. A lot of running, calling, phones ringing, but we sprinted to the train station and we made it again – we didn’t miss the train!

That’s about it. The O’week was a lot of fun despite all the stress and organisation. Many thanks to all who participated in all ways, looking forward to the next experiences together!

Helena Zavázalová (IMS)

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