Prague Should Have a Red Light District

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It is embarrassing that all these cabarets and night clubs are so near to the center of the city, says student (26) from Ohio who is studying economics and political science at the Faculty of Social Science.

Why did you decide to study in Prague?
I wanted to stay in Eastern Europe. At first I wanted to go to St Petersburg but I have changed my mind. Of course lower prices than in other parts of Europe also played one of the roles. I have been to Prague before and I must say it is a beautiful city.

Is there anything you don’t like about Prague?
Well yes, nothing is perfect. People never seem to be in a hurry unless they are driving… But that is not so bad. What I really find embarrassing is that there isn’t a red light district in Prague and you have all these cabarets near Wenceslas Square. You wouldn’t find this near Champs Elysees for example.

You are more than right. But is there something you really like about Prague or the Czech Republic?
Well, Prague is a lovely and decent city. I think the transportation is magnificent. It doesn’t bankrupt you. Czech ice-hockey is excellent. I don’t think Czech football is so good though. The KFC here is very nice; you can get chicken wings together with beer, that wouldn’t happen in the U.S. Czechs really do understand fried food is good.

What do you think of the Faculty?
The Faculty is really on the top. People here know politics and know people who make decisions. That is very important. You don’t see this much in the U.S.

And what your Czech professors?
The professors have witnessed a lot – the 1989 revolution, the transformation etc. That is amazing. In North America you can see changes like this only on TV and that isn’t authentic.

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