What Brings Erasmus Students to Prague?

Hanka 22 years old from Germany
“I’m studying in the Czech Republic because I would like to improve my English; in Frankfurt I’m studying History of Arts and Slav languages. My father is Czech. I’m accommodated in Větrník, where everyone on the corridor looks like a ghost. I have problems with the language, but not many as I have been to the Czech Republic before to visit my grandmother. I love Czech knedlíky and I think svičková je velmi dobrý.”

Guntis 22 years old from Latvia
“At first I saw advertisement, then checked web page and decided to apply. One of the oldest universities I thought! Sounds good, traditions and again traditions! I like traditions. I’m studying geography; already have a Bachelor’s degree. I wanted to upgrade my existing knowledge. About the Czech Republic – everything is happening slowly, bureaucracy is awful. Czechs! Be more open!”

Luis 21 years old from Portugal
“I’m studying economics. I decided to study in the Czech Republic because I wanted to see a different culture; I like Czech towns. I have problems with bureaucracy. I think the campus should be more mixed, now there are only Erasmus students, I haven’t tried Czech food as it is so different, but I like Czech beer (Kozel, Staropramen, Gambrinus, Krušovice…)! And I know děkuji in Czech!”

Andrew 20 years old from the U.S.
“I’m from Philadelphia, I have travelled a lot around Europe and I wanted to see the East. I’m studying economics and am leaving in June. I like Czech food especially guláš and Czech beer. I think fried cheese would do well in American fast foods. I didn’t experience bureaucracy, I have problems with the language but I’m trying to learn Czech. I think Czechs should learn from the communist era.”

Shan Kai The 20 years old from the Netherlands
“I’m studying economics; I came to Prague because I wanted to see an Eastern European country after the enlargement of the EU. I’m here for two weeks now. I was surprised that people in supermarkets say everything they want. I have tried Czech food and I liked something what was translated to me as drunken men (utopenci in Czech).”

Kathleen Geaney, Zbyněk Králík

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