Unusual Ball, Unforgettable Experience

ples 2006

Yes, the 14th March 2006 is nothing else for students of the Faculty of Social Science than an unforgettable experience thanks to the untraditional ball which took place in Abaton – a club that used to be an old factory!

Everybody liked the exceptional program; you could have seen five different types of dance performance (let us just mention hip hop and capoira) and could have listened to four different types of music. And if you were in luck you could have won some very nice and useful gifts like Mp3 players or scanners.

Where else could you have met people from all over the faculty and even Erasmus students all together; girls dressed in wonderful robes with perfect hair-style and make-up and boys dressed in well ironed suits? One Erasmus student from Germany looked at me in bewilderment, “I never saw anything like this before,” he said, rubbing his eyes. “I thought for a minute I was at a U2 wedding not a Faculty ball.”

The ball was a great occasion for about 1,000 people to make new friends. All students hope to see something similar next year and not in another fifteen years when the Faculty will have been in existence 30 years.

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